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Mental health stigma is one of the main reasons why those suffering from mental illness are afraid to ask for help. It's time to create an environment that encourages people to seek help instead of hiding away in shame and fear.​

Seven Things

You Can Do
to Reduce Stigma


In this video, we will be looking at some simple things you can do to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. From choosing your words carefully when talking about mental illness, to actively listening and offering support when needed, these tips will provide you with a better understanding of how you can make an impact on reducing the stigma around mental health.

We’ll also discuss publicly standing against any form of discrimination; reaching out if you know someone who is struggling; spreading public awareness; becoming an advocate for better access to healthcare services; and educating yourself on facts about mental illnesses.

Let’s make a difference today—watch this video to learn how you can play an important role in creating an inclusive society where everyone is free from mental health stigma!

Educating yourself and others on mental health is essential to reducing stigma and creating an inclusive, empathetic environment.

Here are a few simple ways you can get started:

  • Read books or articles about mental health topics to build your understanding.

  • Talk to those who have experience with mental illness and ask them about their story.

  • Find local events or online resources that focus on increasing awareness around mental health issues.

  • Share your own experiences or stories in a respectful way if it feels comfortable for you



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